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Salon Schmuus is shmooze and Jewish culture with lectures, music and a good cup of coffee once a month.



There is no life without shmooze

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Where is Europe heading for? Journalist Adam Holm

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June 5 2018, 6 p.m. at the Jewish Culture Festival, Krystalgade 12.

The Long Road Towards Klezmer

Solo clarinettist and klezmer musician Jens Schou and his musical journey from the jazz of his young years to symphonic music, to experimenting avant-garde and the sweetness of klezmer. Causerie and lots of music together with masterful accordionist Anders Singh Vesterdahl.

September 2018

On the Track of Heinrich Hirschsprung, guided tour. Registration and payment in advance.


The psychology of fundamentalism.


The Power of Conversation – on Jewish salons and salonières.

Regisration in advance



The 100 greatest Jewish films



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