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Salon Schmuus is shmooze and Jewish culture with lectures, music and a good cup of coffee once a month.



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January 15

Danish-French Jewish painter Camille Pissarro, chief curator Kasper Monrad

March 7 – 16 – 26

  1. LIFE AND DEATH- dialogue between the three great monotheistic religions, Bent Melchior, Anne-Mette Gravgaard and Naveed Baig
  2. Luther and the Jews, professor emeritus Martin Schwarz Lausten
  3. EXTRA SCHMUUS: Arne Melchior in memoriam, Bent Melchior, Charlotte Boysen Schmidt and Hans Engell

September 17

Among Enemies, Nazis, Resistance and Jews  – an Østerbro walk with guide 3x

October 3 – 29

  1. The Letter We Are Not Allowed to See – Søren Schauser about Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
  2. The Song of Songs – Christian Kronman

November 7

The Rabbi’s Last Days – Ulla Henningsen and Stig Dalager

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