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Salon Schmuus is shmooze and Jewish culture with lectures, music and a good cup of coffee. We meet once a month.



There is no life without shmooze

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January 20: Roman, Christians, Jews/Susanne William Rasmussen

Extra Schmuus March 12: Art by Yasmina Reza, That Theatre. Registration and payment  by February 10.

March 31: Klezmer! Klezmer! Klezmer! with Henrik Goldschmidt and Jens Schou

April 14: Culture and World View in Central Europa with Johan Lose.

Autumn season

September 8: Knud Romer about to be Danish, Jewish and everything else.

November 17: Sir Alexander Korda – from the puszta to British film mogul

November 28: 25 years at Copenhagen Town Hall – visit Councillor Finn Rudaitzky at Town Hall




The 100 greatest Jewish films



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